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Digital Graphics Incorporation (DGI) was established in 1985, and listed on the KOSDAQ in July 2001. The company has gained recognition for its technological prowess, receiving the prestigious Jang Young-Sil Award in 1993, 2001, and 2017.

DGI currently offers two top tier level Sublimation printers, the POSEIDON® is an intermediate dye-sublimation printer with print speeds of 4 or 6 colors at 66 seconds per linear yard, capable of unattended day/night continuous printing for 10 hours (1,650* feet). POSEIDON® was awarded “Product of the Year” at SGIA in 2019. The HERCULES® is the first entry-level printer of DGI with the best quality and lowest price of any product in its category.

DGI does not only have dealings in the Sublimation industry, recently, DGI has expanded its product portfolio to include innovative offerings such as the Sweet Box, a food printer, which has garnered positive responses in the market, showcasing its commitment to exploring new market opportunities.

Looking to the future and growth, DGI has announced its partnership with Imaging Supplies Warehouse (ISW) for the distribution of the POSEIDON® and HERCULES® dye-sublimation printers in the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. ISW is known as a leading distributor of digital imaging and customization products throughout the United States and surrounding countries. 

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