August 8, 2023


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Digital Graphics Incorporation (DGI) Announces Master Distribution Partnership with Imaging Supplies Warehouse (ISW)


Seoul, Korea – Digital Graphics Incorporation (DGI) is pleased to announce its partnership with Imaging Supplies Warehouse (ISW) for the distribution of the POSEIDON® and HERCULES® dye-sublimation printers in the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. The two companies have formed a strategic alliance that will enable ISW’s network of dealers to bring DGI’s award-winning line of printers to their customer base. 

“Our agreement represents a critical milestone towards bringing our best quality dye-sublimation printers to the textile printer industry across the USA, Canada and Dominican Republic " said Bryan, the CEO of DGI. “ISW will further expand its offering with access to other products in the DGI portfolio.”

This collaboration combines DGI’s 40 years of expertise in producing reliable, high performance digital textile printing systems with ISW’s 20 years of expansive experience in logistics, training, and support. The agreement includes access to specialized technical support, quality certified parts and accessories, as well as consumable supplies critical to successful operation and maintenance of all equipment manufactured by DGI.

“This unique union brings exceptional advantages for print houses and inplants to maximize production and scale operations by investing in equipment that can scale with them.”, states Jim Tenholder, President of ISW. “When we look at POSEIDON’s® cost of ownership in a real-world production environment, the ROI is simply astounding compared to competitive printers in this space.”

POSEIDON® is an intermediate dye-sublimation printer with print speeds of 4 or 6 colors at 66 seconds per linear yard, capable of unattended day/night continuous printing for 10 hours (1,650* feet). POSEIDON® was awarded “Product of the Year” at SGIA in 2019. HERCULES® is the first entry-level printer of DGI with the best quality and lowest price of any product in its category.


DGI, established in 1985 and listed on the KOSDAQ in July 2001, has been at the forefront of developing and selling advertising inkjet printers and digital textile printers. The company has gained recognition for its technological prowess, receiving the prestigious Jang Young-Sil Award in 1993, 2001, and 2017. Recently, DGI has expanded its product portfolio to include innovative offerings such as the Sweet Box, a food printer, which has garnered positive responses in the market, showcasing its commitment to exploring new market opportunities.

In a strategic move, DGI has acquired the complete textile printer business of dgen. degen brings strengths in the pigment and soft sign markets, as well as a competitive sales network in the European market. This acquisition allows both companies to leverage each other's strengths, address their respective weaknesses, and establish a solid foundation for expanding sales and enhancing competitiveness through a shared sales network. With their integration within the same industry, DGI and degen aim to generate significant synergy and achieve remarkable growth in the global market under the esteemed brands of DGI and dgen.